Showreel 2024

Mein Showreel zeigt einen Querschnitt meiner vielfältigen Arbeit in der Videobearbeitung und Content-Erstellung.




Kamera Editing Motiongraphics



🎬 "My versatile showreel: Insights into the creative world of video editing 🎬

My work as a freelancer for production companies has involved me in various projects where I was able to bring in my technical and creative expertise.

Adapting to different styles and effective communication are key elements of my work.

My showreel presents a cross-section of my diverse work in video editing and content creation. It offers a deep insight into the modern world of video production and editing and demonstrates my versatility and adaptability to meet the diverse requirements in the dynamic world of media production.

It shows my ability to combine technical expertise and creativity to create content for a wide range of requirements and platforms.

I am happy to answer questions and provide details about the individual projects and look forward to your interest in a possible collaboration.

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